Love story of ME and HIM

I’ve been waiting for you for so long, this is what I got for 2 years, but I don’t feel empty
why am I treated so badly, why

now is the time for me to resign because I am jealous to see you happy with other people while I am relieved of my anger, sadness and hatred towards someone, why do you give me hope if I want to make you suffer.You said you love me. I chat you are not reciprocated ask me masseger but you do not reply, you want to know when you are sad I am very, very sad, even though I am sad to see you but I remain as old as you I try to get rid of the sad feeling you have, but why I was treated so badly.

because I have a big problem that befell know how painful my life journey to meet you again, but when we meet this is what I got from you, why did you make me like this, I love you so much.

because of my love I want you to realize that there are people who love you more than they expect. and because of love, I had to let you go even though I was disappointed

I hope one day you will miss me and also get rid of your ego and sell your expensive. Me and I want to tell you
My heart still loves you with all my heart.

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